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All of our portfolio managers will have money invested in their fund. None of them has to rely on a monthly paycheque anymore. Our portfolio managers are successful financially, but enjoy having other investors join their journey.

Sarnia Asset Management is creating true long-term alignment with investors and portfolio managers.

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We are making the world's best portfolio managers accessible to a broader audience. Some of our funds will be newly launched, others will be feeder funds to provide access to managers that you should have heard of (but haven't, yet). A portfolio manager with a net performance of 25.0% p.a. over 24 years? This is the underlying track record of the first fund that we are launching. Additionally, we provide an extra layer of expert supervision of these often little-known or new managers - at no additional cost to our clients!

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    By James Faulkner

    Seed funders – how to find them, how to do deals with them, and how to utilise them (beyond just getting money from them)

    Securing seed funding is sometimes the quickest way of getting your fund out of the starting blocks from day one. However, it comes at a cost and isn’t always the right option. Here’s a look at the factors you need to consider before accepting seed-funding.

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    By James Faulkner

    What functions can you outsource as a fund manager?

    As an emerging manager, there are only two things you can’t outsource: your investment strategy and investment selection process, and your fiduciary responsibility. Just be careful who you hand these responsibilities over to – otherwise you may come to regret it further down the line.

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    By James Faulkner

    Third-party marketers and placement agents: should you hire them as a boutique fund manager?

    As an emerging manager, should you be using a placement agent to help market your fund? The answer will depend on your own individual circumstances and business model, but here’s a look at fund placement agents and what they’re all about.

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