Why Sarnia Asset Management

What sets us apart?

Sarnia Asset Management is a founder-led fund manager based in St. Peter Port, Guernsey. We are licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Our focus is to give high-net-worth individuals from around the world access to high-performing niche funds.

Our portfolio managers

– have skin in the game
– exploit inefficiencies in niches
– have auditable track records

As an additional layer of safety, Sarnia Asset Management provides independent oversight of our portfolio managers’ work – for example, to prevent style drift. Where we offer access to a portfolio manager through a feeder fund, our clients do not have to pay extra for the structure – which we believe makes us unique in this industry!

We chose Guernsey because it is a well-established financial services hub that has the most stringent requirements to prevent any abusive use of its offshore status. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) confirmed in 2016 that Guernsey had the highest regulatory standard of 49 onshore and offshore jurisdictions assessed. The island’s finance sector has been on the OECD’s “White List” ever since the first such list was published in 2009.

The island was never a member of the EU and it is not part of the UK, but it has access to both of these markets, which gives it the best of both worlds. Funds domiciled in Guernsey can be sold in 100+ countries representing 80% of the world’s investible wealth.

Thanks to its unique form of self-governance as a Crown Dependency, Guernsey has enjoyed hundreds of years of political stability. Guernsey is a low-risk jurisdiction for the safe-keeping of assets during turbulent times.

The company’s name shows our passion for our home jurisdiction – “Sarnia” being the Latin word the ancient Romans used to refer to Guernsey.

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Our Funds

Working hard to bring you the world's best

We are making the world's best portfolio managers accessible to a broader audience. Some of our funds will be newly launched, others will be feeder funds to provide access to managers that you should have heard of (but haven't, yet). A portfolio manager with a net performance of 25.67% p.a. over 23 years? This is the underlying track record of the first fund that we are launching. Additionally, we provide an extra layer of expert supervision of these managers - at no additional cost to our clients!

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By Sarnia Asset Management

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Sarnia Asset Management Limited, the Guernsey-based fund management company, has raised EUR 1m of additional growth equity.

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