Meet The Team

Swen Lorenz

CEO & Founder

Swen is passionate about alerting investors to opportunities that otherwise they would have never learned about. Thanks to his 30+ years of working in the investment industry, he personally knows some of the world's best portfolio managers (including the ones you should know about, but are unlikely to come across by yourself).

Sarnia AM is the company he founded to help private investors learn about these outstanding portfolio managers and get access to their expertise.

Harald Berlinicke

Partner - Manager Selection

Harald has lived and breathed investing since his childhood, and professionally for over 30 years.

A true multi-asset expert, his biggest passion has always been the discovery of great fund managers, or in his words: finding that (often) elusive animal called manager alpha!

Harald loves sharing his journey as an investor on LinkedIn where he has a rapidly growing follower base.

He is a CFA Charterholder and an active volunteer & consultant of the CFA Institute. In 2023, he received the much-coveted Donald L. Tuttle Award for excellence in the CFA program grading process.

James Faulkner


Having started his investing career at just 14 years of age, James has first-hand experience of how the power of investing can change people's lives.

He's passionate about educating people about investing and giving them the tools they need to achieve better investing outcomes. A big part of that is about giving people access to outstanding fund managers, which is what Sarnia AM is all about.

Simon Frost

Chief Financial Officer

Simon is an experienced Group CFO specialised in high growth SMEs, instigating financial systems and developing business strategy.

Notably, he worked as Group CFO of Proactive Investors, a tech platform for investor engagement. Backed by private equity, he introduced the system to facilitate expansion to North America and Australia, at the time when the platform decided to go global.

Douglas Mackay

Executive director

A Guernsey-native, Douglas has more than 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, principally in fund management and fund administration. He has extensive experience in hedge funds and private equity, together with expertise in the local regulatory environment.

Douglas is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Charter Holder.

Robert Kenedi

Non-executive director

Robert Kenedi comes with 30+ years of experience in fund management, principal investing, investment banking, and executive management.

Current and recent engagements include serving as Chairman of a privately-owned asset management firm with $500m AuM, and as board member of a strategic consulting and investment vehicle that serves 15 UHNWIs and FOs.

Simon Rech

Data Analytics Specialist

Simon is a data analytics professional with experience in data engineering, automation, and analysis.

Having held roles at software providers such as Alteryx, Tableau, and SAP, his expertise spans the entire data value chain.

Simon is responsible for presenting fund performance metrics and transaction histories in an easy to comprehend and visually intuitive manner.

Our Funds

Working hard to bring the world's best

We are working hard to bring the world's best portfolio managers to a broader audience. Some of our funds will be newly launched, others will be feeder funds to provide access to managers that you should have heard of (but haven't, yet). A portfolio manager with a net performance of 25% p.a. over 24 years? This is the underlying track record of one fund that we are working to make accessible to a global audience.

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    By Sarnia Asset Management

    7 Deadly Sins of Fund Managers

    Investors always need to be on the lookout for any shortcomings in their fund managers that could negatively impact their investment performance.

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    By James Faulkner

    Seed funders – how to find them, how to do deals with them, and how to utilise them (beyond just getting money from them)

    Securing seed funding is sometimes the quickest way of getting your fund out of the starting blocks from day one. However, it comes at a cost and isn’t always the right option. Here’s a look at the factors you need to consider before accepting seed-funding.

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    By James Faulkner

    What functions can you outsource as a fund manager?

    As an emerging manager, there are only two things you can’t outsource: your investment strategy and investment selection process, and your fiduciary responsibility. Just be careful who you hand these responsibilities over to – otherwise you may come to regret it further down the line.

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