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Sarnia Asset Management organises regular events in London, Guernsey and further afield, to give our community of investors a chance to meet, socialise and share ideas and insights.

Recent examples include:

  • How one man achieved returns of 26% per annum for 23 years.
  • Lessons on building a hedge fund with Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman.
  • A discussion with an expert on Venezualan real estate.

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By Sarnia Asset Management

7 Deadly Sins of Fund Managers

Investors always need to be on the lookout for any shortcomings in their fund managers that could negatively impact their investment performance.

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By James Faulkner

Seed funders – how to find them, how to do deals with them, and how to utilise them (beyond just getting money from them)

Securing seed funding is sometimes the quickest way of getting your fund out of the starting blocks from day one. However, it comes at a cost and isn’t always the right option. Here’s a look at the factors you need to consider before accepting seed-funding.

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By James Faulkner

What functions can you outsource as a fund manager?

As an emerging manager, there are only two things you can’t outsource: your investment strategy and investment selection process, and your fiduciary responsibility. Just be careful who you hand these responsibilities over to – otherwise you may come to regret it further down the line.

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